A 3-part treatise on spititual understanding & awakening.

Higher Realm Channelling:


The included transcripts cover the period 2016 - 2017.  They are presented as received, with slight editing for grammatical correctness.  

Thetheme is one of: 

 ‘Knowledge & 


The included transcripts are self-explanatory, and create a picture in one’s mind of the meaning to life    They are complimentary to transcripts previously received, and presented under the site name: Mind to Mind 2001.  Fundamentally, we need to understand and appreciate that life does not begin and end with the physical body.  LIFE IS EVERLASTING as will be seen from all that is contained within these pages.  Life is an on-going process of spiritual awakening and unfoldment.  


The ‘SPIRIT of MAN’ (which is resident within the body of man), is the equivalent to the engine of a motor –car.  The body of the car is a conveyance – the engine is the means of conveyance!  As with a car, the body corrodes over time and is disposed of (scrapped), but the engine/driver continues to exist!

 Spiritual & Inspirational Poetry:


Is a collection of poems received from the world of tomorrow, designed to help the world of today to a new understanding.


 The fear of death remains constant in the minds of so many people even today.  This fear of death and of our ultimate demise is shattered forever.  The need for ‘faith’ in our lives, and the outmoded concepts of allegiance and loyalty that often accompany it, no longer hold sway.  We in this 21st century are allowed to ask questions and demand responsible answers (where possible) to the enigma of life.


The new tomorrow is realised in our continuing quest for knowledge & wisdom today.  Every man in his own way seeks reassurance and purpose to his life - and so he should, for we are not robots, but thinking men and women

Questions & Answers:


The questions were asked by group members of Mind to Mind 2001 and perhaps not the deeply philosophical ones that might have been asked by distinguished men of letters, or men of literary acclaim.


 Nevertheless they are serious questions that may have been posed by any member of the general public and are included for that very reason.



The body of Man is a vehicle of expression only, and will not survive the transition called death!! The Spirit of Man which dwells within the body - is what you truly are!  That Spirit originates from GOD (the creator of all life everywhere)!!

As will be seen in the following pages, Man is on a never-ending journey of discovery/awakening, and continues to evolve in understanding through opportunities presented in successive incarnations!


To believe in a supernatural force - (GOD), in today’s world, is considered by many, an archaic and superstitious through-back. It references times in the past when man, due to illiteracy and low-level standards of education, relied on the teachings of others to direct his path in life! Religions of different kind and their teachings stepped into that existing void, and FAITH (their cornerstone), became the bedrock of that teaching which has prevailed for centuries.  The idea of GOD & RELIGION do NOT make for NATURAL BEDFELLOWS! The first is ever-lasting, and the latter transient!

NOW, in this new scientific age of the 21st century, we, through (science), are beginning to explore the wonders of the physical universe and realise the majesty of creation although as yet, unable still, to explain it!  We try to find explanation that will give purpose to our lives, and this eternal and enduring quest continues unabated!!


One day perhaps, the truth (knowledge) that we all seek, will become known to us in the PHYSICAL WORLD, as well as in the SPIRITUAL REALMS!